Paleo Challenge - CrossFit Lake Placid

Dowload the food list by clicking on the following link: Paleo Challenge Food List

Start to Finish

Monday, March 13th – Tuesday, April 11th (30 Days)


Entry Fee

$20. Cash Only.

We will also be offering DXA Body Composition Scans Pre and Post Challenge for $75/scan.

This is special 50% discount available only to participants of the Paleo Challenge.

DXA Scans are not required for this Challenge, but will be the most accurate way to measure the changes of your body fat % and lean muscle mass over the course of the 30 days.


About the Challenge

This is not a weight loss competition. While weight loss will be a part of your final results, this challenge is a way to better your health, as well as your physical and mental performance. It is about eating right and making choices that ultimately lead you to a better quality of life.

The Challenge will consist of 4 total components (Nutrition, Weight Loss, Performance, and Class Attendance), each of which will make up a portion of your overall score. We will tally up all the points at the end of the 30 days, with the top male and female participant being named our 1st place winners. We hope that regardless of your score at the end of this challenge, you still see the results you set out for at the start.

So what is Paleo?

The Paleo Diet is based upon everyday foods that mimic the food groups eaten by our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. The Paleo diet is a return to eating like we used to, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds. The fundamental characteristics of a Paleo diet will help to optimize your health and performance, minimize your risk of chronic disease, and lose weight.


Challenge Components


The first and most important component of the Challenge will be nutrition. Scoring for this component will be worth double that of the three other components (Weight, Performance, and Training).

You will be given a Paleo Food List prior to the start of the challenge. This list will provide you with an abundant amount of food choices to eat over the course of the 30 days. 

We suggest you record each item of food you eat throughout the day. This could be kept in something like a notebook or journal, or by using an app such as MyFitnessPal. For this challenge we are not requiring you to weigh and measure your food, nor count calories or macronutrients. While doing so would give you a more accurate way to track your progress, we are more concerned about you making better food choices first.

At the end each day, it is important you review your food intake and record your daily nutrition score on our Paleo Challenge Google Doc. Daily nutrition scores rank from 0-10. If you only ate items listed of the Paleo Food List provide by us, you earn a perfect score of 10. For every serving of a food item that was not found on the Paleo Food List, subtract 1 point from the possible 10. The lowest possible score is 0, regardless of whether you ate more than 10 food items not listed on the Paleo food list.

You must record this nutrition score each day for the full 30 days. We will take the sum of all 30 days’ nutrition scores to calculate your ranking versus the other participants.


Weight Loss

All participants will be weighed here at CrossFit Lake Placid before and after the challenge. Upon completion of the challenge, we will rank participants based off of their change in bodyweight from their first weigh-in to the final weigh-in. This change in bodyweight will be expressed as a percentage.
Example: Starting weight: 200lbs Ending weight: 185lbs Net Change: 7.5%.
To keep this as accurate as possible, we suggest you weigh-in during the same time on the first day of the challenge and last day of the challenge, wearing the same articles of clothing.



On the first and last day of the challenge we will be doing a benchmark test/workout. This will be to determine if your fitness performance has changed over the course of the 30 days. It is important that if you scale any of the benchmark workout, that you also use the same scaling when you retest at the end of the challenge, even if you no longer need that level of scaling. So, write down what you do! Scoring will be based off of the percent change from the benchmark workout performed pre challenge to the benchmark performed post challenge.  The higher the percent change, the higher you will be ranked.
Example: Pre-Challenge Time= 10:00. Post-Challenge Time= 9:00. Net Change 10.0%


Class Attendance & Physical Activity

CrossFit class attendance will also be a part of the overall scoring. We are including attendance because we not only want to see you eat better, lose fat, and become healthier, but we also want to see you add some lean muscle, and become better CrossFitters. You will receive 1 point for each day you attend a class at CrossFit Lake Placid, and 0 point if you do not. This will be referenced/checked at the end of the 30 days using our ZenPlanner check-in system. Therefore, please make sure you sign-in to class each day.

Also, as a bonus, you are eligible to receive 1 point extra each day for 30 minutes or more of physical activity performed outside of the CrossFit class setting. This may include extra work done at the gym before or after class, as well as things such as skiing, running, yoga, and other activity that are physical in nature. If you an unsure whether an activity counts, just ask. Limit of 1 extra physical activity point per day.


Final Rankings/Scoring

At the end of the challenge, participants will be ranked based on the sum of their performance in the 4 listed components: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Performance, Class Attendance & Physical Activity. Keep in mind, the score of your Nutrition will be worth double when factored into your overall points.

 The male and female participant with the highest overall score will be deemed the 1st place winners, and will each receive 50% of the total cash collected for this 30-day Paleo Challenge. The more participants, the bigger the prize. However, for all participants, the prize of a healthier life is priceless.