Sugar-Free Challenge - CrossFit Lake Placid

Dowload the food list by clicking on the following link: Sugar-Free-Food-List

Start to Finish

Wednesday, November 1st – Monday, November 20th (20 Days)


Entry Fee

$20. Cash Only.

We will also be offering DXA Body Composition Scans Pre and Post Challenge for $75/scan.

This is special 50% discount available only to participants of the Sugar-Free Challenge.

DXA Scans are not required for this Challenge, but will be the most accurate way to measure the changes of your body fat % and lean muscle mass over the course of the 20 days.


About the Challenge


This is not a weight loss competition. While weight loss will be a part of your final results, this challenge is a way to better your health, as well as your physical and mental performance.

For 20 days we are challenging you to remove any form of sugar, sweetener, or fruit from your diet. This includes all forms of natural sugars as well, i.e. honey, maple syrup, agave, coconut sugar, etc.
There is a vast body of research available explaining the harmful effects of sugar consumption on increased disease, inflammation, and weight gain. It is our goal to show how going sugar-free for 20 days will already begin to reveal the health benefits that will ultimately lead you to a better quality of life.

Scoring / Final Ranking

The Challenge will consist of a point system, based on your adherence to the strict No Sugar Policy.
1 point will be awarded for a clean, sugar-free day of eating. 
0 points awarded for a day where any bit of sugar was consumed.    

We are also asking that you only sparely eat any items labeled “In Moderation” on the Food Guide linked above. For the sake of this Challenge, we are considering “In Moderation” to mean no more than 1 cup of cooked rice or grain, or 1 small potato per day. Choose other veggies first if possible. Consumption over this allotted amount will yield 0 points earned for that particular day.

Yes, we know this is strict with little room for flexibility. But it’s only 20 days and in order to experience results in such a short time frame, you’ve got to be all in.

All Points will be recorded on the Sugar-Free Whiteboard kept at the gym. Please be sure to record your score on a regular basis, preferably daily. Do not wait until the end to record all your points.

We will tally up all the points at the end of the 20 days, with the top male and female participant being named our 1st place winners. We hope that regardless of your score at the end of this challenge, you still see the results you set out for at the start.


Tie Breaker

All participants will be weighed here at CrossFit Lake Placid before and after the challenge.
In the case of a tie for our top participants, we will rank participants based off of their change in bodyweight from their first weigh-in to the final weigh-in. This change in bodyweight will be expressed as a percentage.
Example: Starting weight: 200lbs Ending weight: 185lbs Net Change: 7.5%.   
To keep this as accurate as possible, we suggest you weigh-in during the same time on the first day of the challenge and last day of the challenge, wearing the same articles of clothing.




The male and female participant with the highest overall score will be deemed the 1st place winners, and will each receive 50% of the total cash collected for this 20-Day Sugar-Free Challenge. The more participants, the bigger the prize. However, for all participants, the prize of a healthier life is priceless.