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Intramural CrossFit Open

Two CrossFit Opens this year? Isn’t two better than one?

With each passing year, the open gets even better, the Open will now be held every October. Lucky for us, we get to experience the Open twice in one year. Every year we host the Open it gets better and better and this October will not disappoint! We like to think of the Open as a 5 week fitness party!

The Open is comprised of 5 workouts over 5 weeks, and it starts for us on Friday, October 11th. Each Friday we will gather as a gym, cheer each other on, and have a friendly team competition based on participation and team spirit. The Intramural Open is CFLP’s way of participating in the worldwide competition as a community.

Intramural Open Dates
Friday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
October 11, October 18, October 25, and November 1.
On these 4 Friday, we will not have normal afternoon classes. These Friday will be reserved for athletes that register for the Intramural Open.

Saturday 8:00 am- 10 am
November 9
The last week of the Open we will have a Saturday showdown followed by a potluck brunch. Bring a dish (or a bottle of champagne!) to pass and join us as we close out another year of the open.

Intramural Open Teams
All CFLP members who sign up for the Intramural Open will be be divided into two teams, Guys vs. Girls

Registration Deadline – October 10th
To register for the Intramural Open you must put your name onto the window in front of the kids room.

There is a fun and friendly competition between teams. The scoring is broken down as follows:
2 Points – Per person that registers for the CFLP Intramural Open
5 Points – Per person that registers for the CrossFit Open on CrossFit.com
3 Points – Per completing AND logging workouts in SugarWOD each week. There are 5!
4 points – Per athlete who completes the entire workout or top 90 percentile
3 points – Per athlete who completes 75% of workout or top 75 percentile
3 points – Per athlete who completes the entire workout or top 90 percentile
2 points – Per athlete who completes 75% of workout or top 75 percentile
5 points – Top Team Spirit. Each Saturday the coaches will award 5 extra points to the team that brings the most team spirit.

Each week there will be a costume/dress theme that your team can participate in to potentially win the spirit points for that week.
Week 1 – CFLP Colors- Blue and White
Week 2 – Team Spirit – Team Jerseys
Week 3 – Halloween – Team Dress Up
Week 4 – Super Hero’s
Week 5 – Potluck Saturday

What to Expect on Fridays
The Open is a fitness party! We fully expect everyone to come in with an open mind and ready to have some fun. Friday festivities will kick off at 5pm. Each athlete will sign up for their heat in advance. Heats will be on the gym schedule and athletes may reserve their heat 24 hours in advance. You will reserve your heat the same way you reserve your regular classes, through Zen Planner on our website.
The heat schedule will be made on Thursday nights after the workouts are released from CrossFit.com. Be ready to be flexible and go with the flow. Coaches will be present and ready to help.
Athletes will be responsible for finding a friend to count their reps.
Athletes are encouraged to start warming up 45 minutes prior to the start of their heat. The workout warm-up will be posted to SugarWOD and written on the whiteboard. The warm-up will NOT be coach led. Coaches will be around and ready to help so if you need or want help with the warm-up, just ask.
Everyone is encouraged (not required) to be here for each heat. The more people we have cheering each other on the more fun the day will be!

Final Notes
Remember, the Open is for everyone! With Rx’d and scaled options for 19 different divisions, everyone—newbies, casual CrossFit athletes and the elite—can complete some version of the workout. Throughout the competition, victories great and small are all celebrated equally. Do it for fun and in the spirit of community!