Kyle Mahoney - CrossFit Lake Placid

Kyle Mahoney

Why do you CrossFit?
“I got into CrossFit when I moved up to Lake Placid. Having spent many years working out in preparation for my former baseball career I have always enjoyed the comradely of working out with others. Moving up to Lake Placid, I was in search of a community to become a part of and friends of mine have told me that CrossFit truly supports its community. And they were right. Since that day I first walked in I have enjoyed the sport of fitness.” 
Why do you Coach
“I coach because it is something that runs in my family and something I enjoy doing day in and day out. Coming from a baseball family where my father who previously spent twenty-five years coaching baseball, my older brother who has been a coach for 8 years now along with the two years I spent coach college baseball, I am drawn to coaching athletes. My goal is to empower our athletes with information and then they can apply what works for them.”