Christie Sausa - CrossFit Lake Placid

Christie Sausa


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Former competitive figure skater and current competitive speed skater
2008 US National Long Track Age Group Nationals Bronze Medalist, 800-meter race (speed skating)
Figure skating and speed skating coach
Associate Degree, Sports and Events Management
US Figure Skating Gold Medalist
US Figure Skating Official
US Speed Skating Official

Why do you CrossFit?
When I first came to CrossFit, I was 40 pounds overweight and although still training in figure skating and speed skating, I had become “out of shape” and was struggling to reach my athletic potential. I quickly realized that along with sound nutrition, CrossFit is the best, most efficient way to improve health and gain strength quickly and safely, becoming a better all-around athlete. Being easily bored by traditional workouts, the different workouts every day kept me challenged and interested. My first “serious” figure skating coach told me the key to success in my sport was to “become an athlete first, and a figure skater second”. CrossFit has helped me do this. I also lost almost all my extra weight, gained self-esteem, and found a daily routine that helps me function well in all aspects of my life. Like life, CrossFit is a process, and I continue to improve my technique, endurance, strength, and skill every day. I’m so glad I found CrossFit; it has opened many new doors for me, and I can’t imagine life without it.

Why do you Coach?
I coach CrossFit for the same reason I coach figure and speed skating; because I believe strongly in its power to improve people’s lives, and because I’m passionate about it. Giving others the tools they need to transform their lives has always been a goal. To be an effective coach, I believe the most important attributes are passion, communication skills, knowledge, and awareness. I bring passion to CrossFit because I love it and have seen its benefits in my own life. With a Bachelor Degree in Communications and as an author and writer, I believe to be effective one must be able to clearly and concisely provide instruction. Knowledge is necessary for any endeavor, and I have been learning about fitness, physiology, and sports psychology for most of my life, both as a competitor and as a coach. I look forward to building on the information I learned at my CrossFit Level 1 course in a practical sense. Lastly, I believe teaching body awareness is important to develop an athlete’s skill and strength in a safe way; in my career, my greatest gains came when I was aware of my body’s movements and cultivated the awareness to change them to improve performance. I know the same body awareness is important for every sport, including CrossFit, and I hope to foster this awareness in others, as it provides benefits not just for sports but life in general.