Dalton Divine - CrossFit Lake Placid

Dalton Divine

Why do you CrossFit?

“I started CrossFit in a “trial by fire” – the first workout I ever did was Murph when I was 16 (disclaimer: it was rough, I did not finish) but I haven’t looked back since! To me, CrossFit has always been about the community, it’s about having a family of people who you sweat, put in the work, and improve with.

I’ve found that once you get out of the structured life of high-school and college – it is difficult to find the same level of camaraderie in fitness as you had with sports teams.

That’s why I enjoy that in CrossFit, no matter what gym you go to there are men and women of all ages and levels of fitness helping each other and putting in work to improve themselves. ”

Why do you Coach?

“I coach because I love helping people improve and better themselves. Every day is a new struggle and every day is a chance for improvement, perseverance, and personal growth.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been around CrossFit for 10+ years in a number of different gyms and had numerous different coaches. I see coaching as a way of giving back to those who have helped me. To share the knowledge that I have accumulated and to help everyone try to improve themselves each time they walk into the gym.”