Mindy Goolden - CrossFit Lake Placid

Mindy Goolden

I CrossFit primarily because of how diversified the workouts are day to day, which never leave me feeling like I’m doing something completely repetitive. CrossFit continually thrusts me out of my comfort zone and has helped me break through many mental and physical barriers over the past few years. I am stronger now than I have ever been, and I continue to see and feel results that I wasn’t obtaining elsewhere. Everyday is a new challenge and there is always a way to keep pushing beyond limits that were once thought to be impossible.

Over the past decade I’ve developed a passion for health and fitness, and I continue to find myself further invested each passing year. Here at CFLP I’m able to share that passion by supporting others and helping them succeed through their own fitness journeys. We have such a great group of members and for me, having the ability to share something I love with like-minded people is unexplainably rewarding. Individually we are all different, but together we forge a community full of support and encouragement and I’m proud to be a part of that!