Nadine Dubina - CrossFit Lake Placid

Nadine Dubina


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
U.S. Olympic Committee Coach Developer
Currently pursuing Doctorate in Kinesiology, Coaching and Teaching Studies
M.A. Sport Psychology
B.S. Athletic Coaching Education
USA Gymnastics Competition Judge
8+ Years Competitive Gymnastics Coaching Experience

Why do you CrossFit?
“I CrossFit to be part of a team, to continue training as an ‘adult athlete’, to learn new skills and lifts and to have fun! I love how CrossFit is constantly varied, pushes you to your limits and then celebrates you for each accomplishment. The community aspect is so fulfilling as it helps me reach heights that I wouldn’t be able to on my own all while feeling connected and sharing a few laughs each and every day. I highly identify with being an athlete as this is how I grew up. CrossFit provides the stage to continue to work on my athleticism, as I believe that every person who CrossFit’s is an athlete, and is part of the larger CrossFit team. I also love the learning aspect of CrossFit. Each day, you are being coached to improve your technique and try new skills. Learning keeps my mind engaged and strong, which carries over into all other aspects of my life. Now that I’ve found CrossFit, I can’t imagine ever going back to traditional strength and conditioning training!

Why do you Coach?
Coaching is in my DNA. I started coaching gymnastics when I was 17 years old and fell in love with the profession. I have dedicated my career to exploring best practices of successful coaches and trying to incorporate those learnings into my own coaching style. I believe that there are 3 aspects that contribute to being a quality coach: having a deep understanding of why you coach, constantly improving how you coach and knowing the ins and outs of what to coach. My goal every day that I coach is to personally connect with each of my athletes and meet them where they are at that day. Then I try to take one step forward toward their goals with them. I am dedicated to continuous learning and development in my coaching. Learning is a two way process-I encourage you to provide me feedback to help you get better!